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Do you have an idea for a podcast that you’d like to make with us? We’d love to collaborate! Send pitches and submissions to

About Belli Research Institute

Belli Research Institute is an informal platform for sharing writing, podcasts, art, zines, and new projects based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’ve been doing this project since 2016 and, along with publishing a handful of shorter commentaries and pieces, we’ve published a book, The Savage Peace, a number of zines, poems, anthologies, study guides, and some podcast episodes. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also subscribe to our podcast The Underbelli on all the major podcast platforms.

How We Write and What We Write About

Belli Research Institute is an experimental, non-institutional research based creative writing project. We hold ourselves to a rigorous standard of research practice and review, but choose to remain outside of the parameters of any official institutions. We do so in the hopes that, by extricating ourselves in this way, our lines of thought will not be constrained or frustrated by the regulations or requirements of those institutions nor by our public identities and personas.

We also choose to remain semi-anonymous and pseudonymous. Remaining anonymous also allows us to write about our experiences in ways that would be difficult and near impossible without this protection. We believe in grounding our writing in our everyday experience and understandings, even if these are not always explicitly stated. Given our backgrounds, we have up to now been primarily interested in the following themes:

  • Normativity and the mechanisms for creating and enforcing it
  • Politics, memory, and history
  • The police and police abolitionism
  • Sex and sex work and the cultural and social codes/city policies and laws aimed at these
  • Critiques of science and medicine, particularly neuroscience, public health, and psychiatry
  • Race, especially whiteness
  • Madness, the diverse frameworks for understanding it, and the mechanisms for defining, controlling, and repressing it

If You Want to Make a Podcast With Us

Up to now, we have mostly worked as a group of three, with a few other more brief contributions and collaborations. Now that we have the hang of podcasting, we are interested in collaborating with people locally. We are primarily looking for experimental pieces, creative works, and personal stories that are grounded in some kind of history. We have a preference for local (Midwestern, or, more specifically, Twin Cities based) content creators, but are open to working with individuals and groups based anywhere. Here are some ideas of what we would be interested in working on:

  • Introduction to a local group you are a part of
  • Explanation of an event, issue, or story you would like to make people aware of
  • Stories and histories of policing, sex work, madness, or something else you are passionate about grounded in personal experience or history (even better if a local story)
  • Criticisms of scientific or medical practice or research grounded in history or your personal experience (We are NOT looking for professional reflections on science nor internal debates on how to improve one aspect or another)
  • Reflections on experience in political movements or events
  • Presentations or explanations of new ways of approaching any of the above

Please note that we are less interested in a traditional interview style. We are more excited about producing shorter (like 30 minutes), more structured episodes with a creative style incorporating music, sound effects, some conversation, and readings. Listen to The Underbelli for a feel for what we are looking for. If you would like to work with us, it will likely involve

  1. A submission through email (see above)
  2. A brief meeting to brainstorm ideas
  3. Writing and structuring the episode
  4. Recording
  5. Production, adding sound effects and music

You may choose to be involved in any and all of these elements, depending on what you would like to put out and your familiarity with any of these activities. We at Belli are not interested in taking your idea and making it ours. We want to use this podcast platform to help amplify stories and projects in the area, and to collaborate with like-minded people. Even if your idea doesn’t work out for our podcast we’re still open to helping you record and put out your own content.

We look forward to hearing from you!