City Pages is Cancelled

In October 2017 City Pages gave journalist Susan Du the platform to publish a front page article titled “Behind the fantasy at Minneapolis strip clubs”, which “unveils” the workplace struggles of strippers at downtown Minneapolis clubs. The article follows a general increase in coverage about and surveillance of the local sex industry due to the impending Super Bowl and cites a recent University “outreach” project … Continue reading City Pages is Cancelled

against stigma, not sex work

Print this first part of erma’s bootleg miniseries here. Stigma is what makes sex work potentially dangerous for sex workers, not sex work itself. Stigma exists in a nexus of capitalist exploitation of bodies, cis-hetero-patriarchy and white supremacy, not in a vacuum of morals as it is commonly treated. Stigma – meaning a “mark of shame” – is branded on the life choices and life … Continue reading against stigma, not sex work