Belliful—BRI summer updates

Dear Friends and Strangers, Welcome to the Belliful—an assuredly not-absurd neologism meaning simply “full of of the war“—our new ongoing segment for updates, lewd pictures, and all the little things we think are worth telling all you lovely strangers about (with some experimentation in puns). Expect one every once in a while or maybe only occasionally, depending on how we’re feeling. the belli is pregnant … Continue reading Belliful—BRI summer updates

A Field Guide to Protests: The Protest Marshal

I. The protest marshal wears a neon vest and has a walkie-talkie. The protest marshal sets themself apart in the protest by wearing a high-visibility vest, making their position look like one of expertise and authority. The intention to be seen is paradoxical: even though they stand out visually, the generic safety vest makes them also look like the invisible worker of any urban environment. … Continue reading A Field Guide to Protests: The Protest Marshal