City Pages is Cancelled

In October 2017 City Pages gave journalist Susan Du the platform to publish a front page article titled “Behind the fantasy at Minneapolis strip clubs”, which “unveils” the workplace struggles of strippers at downtown Minneapolis clubs. The article follows a general increase in coverage about and surveillance of the local sex industry due to the impending Super Bowl and cites a recent University “outreach” project … Continue reading City Pages is Cancelled

against stigma, not sex work

Print this first part of erma’s bootleg miniseries here. Stigma is what makes sex work potentially dangerous for sex workers, not sex work itself. Stigma exists in a nexus of capitalist exploitation of bodies, cis-hetero-patriarchy and white supremacy, not in a vacuum of morals as it is commonly treated. Stigma – meaning a “mark of shame” – is branded on the life choices and life … Continue reading against stigma, not sex work

because they are too afraid of seeing whiteness disappear: eclipse poem

astronomical events such as the solar eclipse we watched today have been considered omens. even those of us laughing at people with their heads in boxes; even those of us that decided we wanted to just feel it; even we used a little pinhole projector and ate strawberries in the parking lot to seek a glimpse of a shadow, a bright darkness, and speculated what … Continue reading because they are too afraid of seeing whiteness disappear: eclipse poem

No Neutrality in a Rape Culture: Open Letter to Progressives

The idea for this letter was conceived collaboratively by rape survivors. It is intended to call attention to some of the ways in which progressives in our communities persistently protect rapists, hold victims accountable, and demand carceral solutions to sexual assault that return power to the partiarchal state. Our hope is that this letter could be: a resource for other rape victims/survivors and/or literally shown … Continue reading No Neutrality in a Rape Culture: Open Letter to Progressives


Recently we learned about the possibility to make a submission to a local art hub for their Rethinking Public Spaces Throughout Minnesota grant. It would provide selected “artists” $5,000-$10,000 to carry out projects that would “encourage community engagement” by “redefining public space” or “utilizing neglected spaces”. With twenty-four hours until the opportunity closed, we decided we might as well put in our call for an ‘oppositional commune’: something that might press … Continue reading belli PROPOSES OPPOSITIONAL COMMUNE TO MN ARTISTS


Our recent piece, A Field Guide to Protests: The Protest Marshal, took most of its inspiration from experiences we shared apart and together – at precincts, in the streets and on highways in the Twin Cities – but we also learned much about the protest marshal from local reporting on the hidden mechanics that make demonstrations stay so regular. The following three linked articles (their nature revealed … Continue reading LOCAL PRAISE FOR PMs