We see the Belli Research Institute as an informal zodiac for circulating our mad, queer writing, babbling and curation. We came together in 2017 and wrote our first petite satire: A Field Guide to the Protest Marshal. Since then we have continued to commune and create, a circle of little animals, rotating, evolving, and supporting each other’s endeavors.

We strive to turn the impressions left by things like trauma, whiteness, policing, and work – as they move through us – into something constructive.

Belli means of “of the war” and “in the war” – the totality of war that we see as constituting the mundane order of things. We also like the word belly because it reminds us of nourishment, of the bacteria in our guts, and of flora in abundance.

We are fools but we don’t intend to gaze at our navels. The night sky is far more interesting. Still, we believe we must start from lived experience if we are to start at all. Our hope is to situate, and thereby decenter, ourselves.

Being of the war as much as we are in it, we write from a position of whiteness and are in absolute opposition to it. We believe that the more creative ways we find to survive, the more sensitivities that we cultivate, and the more that we allow for multiplicities of experience – the less that we will be bound by the toxicity of the everyday.

We must learn to wield memory like a weapon in this hostile terrain of forgetfulness.
We must feed each other sour worms and sweet worms and learn from both.
Let us dance for you as we hold séances for the the unseen and the unheard.


Get in touch: belliresearchinstitute@riseup.net