The Belli Research Institute† is a platform for investigating that which is incomprehensible: namely, this unlivable world, composed and categorized by capitalism, racism and anti-Blackness, cis-hetero-patriarchy, institutions of ‘mental health’, and apparatuses of policing and surveillance.

Belli, Latin for both ‘of the war’ and ‘in the war’, refers to the totality of civil war, in which everyone is a partisan and no existing conditions are exempt.

BRI explores difference, contradiction, and fissure in political frameworks as fruitful sites for learning and experimentation. At all moments we seek that which is conflictual and, instead of seeking refuge, we intend to exacerbate the crisis.

Get at us: belliresearchinstitute@riseup.net


†We’re not a real institute, just fastidious and forlorn, trying to make friends.