Recently we learned about the possibility to make a submission to a local art hub for their Rethinking Public Spaces Throughout Minnesota grant. It would provide selected “artists” $5,000-$10,000 to carry out projects that would “encourage community engagement” by “redefining public space” or “utilizing neglected spaces”. With twenty-four hours until the opportunity closed, we decided we might as well put in our call for an ‘oppositional commune’: something that might press the comfortable non-engagement of “public art” against the fact that to truly rethink public space would mean making it inoperative – a zone of antagonism that would be detrimental to the city.

With the haste of a lovely pot-bellied pig at her trough, we assembled an “artist statement”, proposal, and non-résumé, in what we imagine will be the worst submission they will have to read through. What began as a hopeful proposal rapidly devolved into a genuine troll of MN artists. Projects like these are not what lend art its Cultural Reputation – no matter its lusty leanings towards process, concept and #resist! But, may the oppositional commune have multiple becomings and may “public space” be questioned – and ruptured – so long as it is a question.


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