This is the inaugural post for the foundling Belli Research Institute, the beginning of what we hope will be a prolific and troubling project. Belli, which is Latin for in the war and of the war, reflects to us critical thots the epoch of civil war, that global condition subsuming and defining the whole of existence – what some call the Anthropocene.

With this platform we intend to share our words, nightmares, and fanciful musings. We came together in the night, around strong drinks and aching bodies, with the desire to release into the world our horrible thoughts. Going forth, we shall be investigating that which is incomprehensible: namely, this unlivable world, composed and categorized by capitalism, anti-Blackness, cis-hetero-patriarchy, the myriad institutions of ‘mental health’, and the ever-present and ever-expanding apparatuses of policing, to name but a few points we wish to touch upon.

We will proceed in irregular spurts as the present moment allows. For those who want to think the present, it is necessary to find your bearings. We are not attached to any specific form, but rather dedicated to experimentation. Neither are we interested in any specific subculture or ideology. At all moments we seek that which is conflictual and, instead of seeking refuge, we intend to exacerbate the crisis.

Dwelling in the interstices – among the abject, the disaffected, the ragpickers – we find solace in the small gestures of connection that are possible when no one is looking. Writing from the Twin Cities, we feel we are in the belly of amerika –  a midregion chapter of speculation and experimentation. 

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